Atos : Our blog organises this sunday at 20:30 Paris time, its second visio-conference in english for worldwide shareholders or Atos employees – Topics : Bids, Atos recovery, UPRA class action [Call-blog]

We already made a second visio conference thursday with a respectable audience of 45 persons, that we voluntary informed lately not to be too much people to make it as a training for me, not familiar with participating in calls as the leading person.

The second call was more fluent than the first one, so I am ready to a larger audience, so I inform you earlier. So actually it is the third one, but it will repeat the topics of the second one.

Please note that the call will be in English language.

My english is far to be perfect but I can say with a certain confidence it is better than Nathalie Senechault accent 😀 , but weaker than Nourdine Bihmane accent.

The topics of the exposé will be about :

-The 3 bids and the restructuration process itself which follows the french laws and might not be familiar to non-french readers.

Since Thursday call I spent around 10 hours on it…

-The future of Atos generally speaking in coming months, and how a success of the conciliation would affect business and can the conciliation fail ?

-The french class action to recover losses which anyone can participate, even from USA or Sweden,… since your losses are above 15 000€ as we have many fix fees per plaintiff. We didn’t make yet English version so it is an opportunity for non french shareholder to raise question.

In case she is available, Maitre Sophie Vermeille will say a few words, but she is busy this week-end, so I can’t guarantee she will have time to join.

If you have questions you wish me to include in the exposé, you can send them prior to the call at

After the exposé, some Q&A will be welcome. You can raise questions during the exposé, but only if it concern a wish to ask me to repeat a point not clear or go deeper in my explanations.

The purposes of these kind of call, is to have more interactions with the blog readers and try to alternate video and articles according preferences of each of you.

Call time is 20H30 Paris time. But the exposé will start 5 mn later in of late arrival. The first 5 mn will be a small introduction.

Questions are welcome orally with function « raise hand ». That means if you wish to ask a question, you push the « raise hand » button and I see you are willing to talk.

I am not pretty familiar at this step to talk and read at the same time the written questions on right column. I will try to do if I can, but I would prefer orally raised questions. In case some of you are Atos managers and you don’t wish to be recognized by your voice, then you can send questions by email, up to one hour before the call.

If we have time at the end of the call, those who didn’t attend the first call, might raise again questions about the topics of the first call I did 2 weeks ago which was the tryptic: 1/ high debt 2/cash issue, and 3/operational collapse.

The call will be on Microsoft Teams pro version (no cuts). It is limited to 300 people, in the very improbable case we would be over that number, I would make a 10mn pause to upgrade to higher plan.

Here is the link including password to connect to the call :


MS Teams is available on all platforms, Android, Apple, Windows…


For those who will attend for the first time, a little embarrassing warning. Due to side effect of medical treatment, I have some psoriasis on my forehead. I apology in advance for this cosmetic inconvenience.


People who disagree with the blog statements are welcome if they are quiet and raise questions or state disagreements peacefully and in a constructive way.


People arriving lately are accepted.


Please note the video will not be recorded in case some employees want to raise question, but wish to stay anonymous.